School Rules



Goroka Grammar School is an English speaking school and all students and staff are required to speak English during school hours. This is a fundamental aspect of life at the school and requires full compliance.


Goroka Grammar we believe in a disciplined environment where all personnel show respect for each other. However, it is recognised that at times there will be a need to impose rules when students fail to show respect for each other or for the school.

All students are required to wear school uniform on a daily basis. Uniforms are to be worn correctly with shirts tucked in and neckties properly tied. Shoes and not thongs are to be worn.


Any student found to be bullying any other student will receive a written warning. A second offence will result in parents/guardians being called in. Any further repetition will lead to termination.


Goroka Grammar School is a no smoking zone.
Students caught smoking on school premises will in the first instance receive a written warning. A second offence will result in parents being called into the school and a third offence will result in termination from the school.


Under  no circumstances are students allowed to consume alcohol on school premises. Nor are they allowed to attend school under the influence of alcohol. For both of these offences the punishment is termination.


Stealing is a criminal offence as well as an anti-social activity. It will be treated as a major disciplinary offence and if it is of a serious nature will result in termination from the school.


Any student found to be in possession of or supplying pornographic material is liable to automatic termination and to be reported to the police.


Fighting amongst students will not be tolerated and will result in a written warning. Further offences may lead to termination.


Students who are late to school or late for a specific class are to collect a late pass from the school office.
They do not attend class without a late pass. Three late passes in a week will result in attending Friday afternoon community service. Failure to attend community service will result in the concerned student seeing the Principal on the following Monday and parents being called in to the school.