School Fees & Special Discounts for 2009


2009 Tuition Fee Schedule
GRADE Full year in Advance Per Term Fees-2008
Play/Pre/Prep K2184 K746 X 4 (K2984)
1&2 K2856 903 X 4 (K3612)
3,4,5 K3612 1144 X 4 (K4576)
6,7&8 K4599 K1354 X 4 (K5416)
9&10 K5920 K1732 X 4 (K6928)
11&12 K6641 K1942 X 4 (K7768)

Boarding Fees - 2009
Boarding Fees for 2008 are K11,739.00 for Full Year in Advance or K3,192.00 Per Term, plus Tuition Fees. (The Full fees for borders are obtained by adding boarding fees above to the tuition fees in the schedule above). 

School Fees - General Condition 2009
School fees must be paid in advance before students commences studies. This is regardless of whether fees are paid for the full year in advance or they are paid per term. In order to reserve a place at Goroka Grammar School a non refundable deposit of K400 will be required. This deposit will be deducted from school fees when they are paid.

A full term's fee is payable for any part of a term. There will be no refund for that term if a student withdraws part way through  the term. A refund will only be given for the remaining terms of the year if the fees have been paid in advance for the full year.

The preferred method of payment will be into the school's account at the ANZ bank - Goroka Branch - Account No. 11270022. If the fees are paid by cheque the student will not be enrolled until the cheque is cleared. 

Family Fees Discounts Structure for 2009

Goroka Grammar School is grateful to those parents who make financial sacrifices to send their children to this school. As a token of our appreciation to those families that send more than one child to the school and to those families that continues to support the school year after year the school is offering a series of discounts commencing 2009.
  1. A family that sends two children to Goroka Grammar School will receive 5% discount for both children.
  2. A family that sends three children to Goroka Grammar School will receive 10% discount for all three children.
  3. A family that sends four or more children to this school will receive a discount of 15% for each children sent to the school.

In addition, Goroka Grammar School intends to offer loyalty discounts from 2009 onwards.

  1. Children who enrol for a second consecutive year at Goroka Grammar School will receive a 5% discount.
  2. Children who enrol for a third consecutive year at the school will receive a 10% discount.
  3. children who enrol for a fourth consecutive year or longer at the school will receive a 15% discount on the school fees.

The above discounts can be combined to achieve even greater savings. For example, a family that sends two children to Goroka Grammar School for a third consecutive year will obtain a total of 15% discount. And a family that sends four children to the school for a second consecutive year will receive a 20% discount on their school fees.


A maximum discount of 20% will be applied when the combining of discounts in both categories goes above 20%.